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Veneer Series Vanderbilt Classic® is a sawn veneer that offers a strong, clean look and is a timeless addition to your products. Architects and homeowners can mix the smooth and clean look of Vanderbilt to compliment other limestone veneer styles and other building materials. With best-in-class lead times, Northern Ohio Cut Stone makes it easier than ever to get inventory to you quickly.

Much like the mansion whose name it shares, Vanderbilt Classic® veneers represent the durability that come with all Northern Ohio Cut Stone Company products. Vanderbilt Classic® veneers can be used to turn a home into a statement piece, serving as the accents for an exterior wall or garage door surround. Vanderbilt Classic® veneers can also be used for hardscaping projects, such as a distinct outdoor grill or to face a retaining wall.

Vanderbilt Stone
Vanderbilt Stone

Available Colors


Light to medium shades of gray with some veining and grain movement visible in the face and fine to medium grained stone.

Full Color Blend

A natural compilation of the full range of buff to medium gray shades with the same great subtle veining in a standard grade.