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Urban Hardscapes by Northern Ohio Cut Stone Company Pavers offer the same striking surface textures that Northern Ohio Cut Stone products are known for in paving stones for patios, walkways, and pool decks. Unlike other pavers, the color and composition of Northern Ohio Cut Stone pavers will stay cool to the touch in the summer sun. Available in our original large slab formats, new unit paving sizes, and on-trend plank sizes, we manufacture the broadest portfolio of standard Northern Ohio Cut Stone pavers to help you design your vision.


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Pavers - Stone
Pavers - Stone

Full Color Blend

A natural compilation of the full range of buff to medium gray shades with the same great subtle veining in a standard grade.


Light to medium shades of gray with some veining and grain movement visible in the face and fine to medium grained stone.


Traditional buff color ranging from cream to light brown with some veining and grain movement visible in the face. Fine to medium grained stone.

Specialty finishes can add drama and sophistication to your next natural stone project. Indiana Limestone is proud to offer three new stunning specialty finishes for our pavers and treads. Each offers a distinct look and feel, combined with the unique natural beauty of Indiana Limestone.

Bush Hammer

A rough, pockmarked texture that resembles naturally weathered rock.

Sandblast or Abrasive

A smooth abrasion, which leaves the material with a slightly scratched (but not rugged) surface.

Wire Brush

Uses a coarse rotary wire brush that simulates natural wear over time.

Small Format

Our popular pavers are now available at half the current scale, allowing you to design more appropriately for smaller spaces. The addition of nine new SKUs gives you the ability to combine large and small format sizes for maximum versatility. Easily integrated with our standard-sized paver line and combined with other products from Urban Hardscapes, small format pavers echo the beauty of natural Indiana Limestone.


An on-trend, long-length, dimensional paving solution, Indiana Limestone plank pavers offer a contemporary look and feel. The versatility of our plank pavers allow landscape designers to work in a broader range of styles. Indiana Limestone plank pavers are available in three sizes and two thicknesses, granting you enhanced designability and the versatility to accommodate for different installation specifications.


When designing with our pavers, adapting to the individual needs of your project is effortless. Many patterns of our limestone pavers can be produced for you from our original 11 standard sizes. These sizes range from 12″ x 12″ to 24″ x 36″ and are available in the natural full color range of Indiana Limestone.