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With no need for extra equipment, Northern Ohio Cut Stone slabs are an ideal addition to any product line because it can be cut and fabricated on any machine with ease.


We offer several veneer series in thin and full bed veneer. Learn more today to discover which veneer series meets your needs.


Built to last and made to inspire, Urban Hardscapes represent the next wave of premium, durable products from Northern Ohio Cut Stone Company.

Additional Products

Our additional products includes address stones, posts, benches, landscaping rock, landscaping signage, wall panels and custom work products.


Check out our Berea Sandstone Sawn and Berea Sandstone Gray Sawn.

brown mulch

Mulch & Landscaping Stone

We offer premium mulch in three colors and landscaping stones.

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At Northern Ohio Cut Stone, we realize that not every project is the same.  We are here to work with you to create a custom solution for your next project.  To get the process started, give us a call or request a quote online and we will be in touch with you.

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